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Hotel "Manor" in Karelia: an inexpensive vacation near Marble Canyon

Manor Hotel near Marble Canyon

Karelia every year attracts more and more travelers who come here from all over Russia and even from other countries. And it's no wonder! After all, this region is famous for its unique nature, scenic landscapes, monuments, churches and monasteries, waterfalls, canyons and other attractions. To get to know this magical edge to see all of its beauty, in Karelia have to go not for one day. And in order to fully escape from the city and not to think once again about domestic trifles, it is necessary to choose the convenient and comfortable accommodation.

The solution of this problem could be the hotel "Manor" near Marble Canyon, opened in 2014. The hotel friendly and welcoming staff will offer you all the necessary services for a comfortable stay, no matter in what room you stay (subject to room comfort-level and economy class).

One of the advantages of the hotel is its location. It is located in the north of Lake Ladoga, near the mountain park Ruskeala and the famous Marble Canyon in Karelia. Lyaskelya village in which the hotel is located on the Jänisjoki river, which translated from the nearest neighbors Finnish language, meaning the river that leads to the lake. The village is easy enough to get, as the people traveling by car, and for those who prefer to use the services of the railway - a railway line is only 17 km from the village. Located near the mountain park Ruskeala and the famous Marble Canyon, a large number of rivers and lakes, Karelian forest will amaze with its beauty even seen a lot of tourists.

If you are planning a cheap holiday in Karelia, you will need to visit nemremenno Ruskeala, because there are different prices reasonable adequacy. Despite the low prices, Ruskeala is one of the most amazing and memorable sights of Karelia. You will have a unique opportunity to explore the mysterious caves, enjoy the richness of color modulations marble walls, contemplate the majestic views of nature from the comfort lookouts. Our recreation center near Marble Canyon in Karelia excellent choice to enjoy the outdoors in the distance from the bustling city.

Services Hotel "Manor"

In the hotel everyone will find something to their liking. Selecting large, you can admire the waterfall, fishing, hiking. After relaxing in the fresh air, you will definitely want to eat. The chefs of our restaurant is always delicious and satisfying your feed. Then you can take a steam bath.

Offers the hotel "Manor":

Standard room (economy class): equipped with TV, fridge, kettle, sofa and bed. Suite (comfort class): a large area (about 50 sq m) with an entrance hall, living room, balcony and bathroom. Air-conditioned room has a microwave.

For more information on services and prices, as well as all questions on booking you can specify the phone numbers listed on the "Contact Us" page

Getting there

 The Republic of Karelia, Pitkäranta district, p. Lyaskelya Str. Sovetskaya, 6